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Some Solutions to Water Management

The world heavily relies on water as the source of life. The management of water determines future irrigation. As long as there are set policies and regulations, then water management is defined. Resource management of water is determined by planning, distributing, developing and managing the use of resources optimally. Allocation of water equally to everyone results when planning of water resource management is done. Equal allocation of water is not adhered to as most people lack this important source of life. Water conservation isn’t far-fetched from water management as it has almost the same purpose. Proper caring of water as well using it in limited bits describes water conservation.

To avoid political conflict and rising cost then water needs to be conserved. Adverse effects such as political conflict, health hazards, and reduced food supplies result when there’s limited water supply. By conserving water then water is available for recreational purposes like swimming. Conserving water should be done to cater for other recreational activities like spas and golf courses. Safe and beautiful communities are built by conserving water. Institutions such as hospitals, health clubs, gyms, gas stations, hotels, schools all require large amounts of water thus the need to conserve water.

Reduction of drought and water shortages are experienced when water conservation is done. Water is conserved to help in the preservation of our environment by reducing the energy used. An integral part of life should involve water conservation.

Water management solutions is comprised of various strategies. Water conservation involves methods such as groundwater recharge, grey water system, recycling wastewater and rainwater harvesting. Wastewater from non-toilet plumbing systems like showers, basins are defined as greywater systems. When it comes to the treatment of greywater, it’s usually quite easy. The levels of contaminants present in grey water are quite low, a reason as to why greywater treatment is preferred. Based on the system size, treatment of grey water is variant. Collection of rainwater from surfaces that receive direct rainfall encompasses rainwater harvesting.

Two main types of harvesting rainwater include; rooftop rainwater harvesting and artificial groundwater recharging. The reason as to why rooftop rainwater is the most common type of rainwater harvesting is because the water is directed to tanks. A treatment plant that involves recycling of both black and grey water is the sewage treatment plan. The presence of bacteria in black water requires the use of a sewage treatment plant. By not treating the bacteria than the possibility of disease results. When water moves downwards from the surface water to the ground, it describes groundwater recharge.

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