My Personal Experience And Review Of Hostgator Hosting

Google XML sitemaps help your site talk to Google in its own technical way. You need not know anything. Just activate and forget. Or check with some techie over a forum about how to optimize its settings.

I have been using them for about eight years and I have never, ever paid for WordPress. They are quick to answer my questions and rarely have any downtime.

Pluugin are available for various purposes including rating systems, post word counts, weather reports etc. All these add ons are not available in your wordpress platform. You can download it from various sites at free of cost.

Regardless of your niche market, the goal is to brand yourself as THE authority. If you’re using generic keywords, you’re tossing money to the wind. If you’re not already on the first page of Google’s search results for those keywords, you may get lost in Never-Never Land. You’ll be just one of dozens-or hundreds-of marketers using the same keyword, and customers may never know that you exist if they’re using a generic search.

Autoresponders. These are tools that allow you to send automated emails to customers. Great tools to build a training program with or touch base with a regular newsletter to customers. I use Aweber but there are heaps out there.

As a conclusion, I would say that WordPress is only slightly ahead in terms of optimization for search engines, and building large amounts of traffic.

If you need a website fast, you can get one done in as little as a week – sometimes less! If you hire a knowledgeable WordPress designer, and you have your logo and other graphics on hand, getting a custom site designed quickly is easy and surprisingly inexpensive.

The Easy privacy policy is a great legal document. You can change the ‘settings’ to tailormake it for you. Google is looking for privacy policy pages to ensure it serves good sites to its users. and this plugin will make you look good instantly.